Rave Reviews for “The Rings of Alathea”

Jackie Jones: This novel was highly enjoyable. The beginning had me hooked instantly. The whole idea of people being in hibernation for 500 years (way more than they had planned) was terribly interesting to me. And the interesting things just kept coming! I knew something weird was going on with the main character, but there was no way I could have guessed what happened in the end. This author is excellent at giving just enough clues at just the right times to keep the reader satisfied, but he still saves the big reveal for the end. And then there were all the descriptions. I was able to visualize this whole story in my head; that’s how good the writer was at painting a picture of his story. And what a pretty picture! Alathea is a beautiful planet; I can’t wait to see the movie!

 Larry Mauser: The Rings of Alathea is another mind stimulating example of Dan Moore’s story writing prowess. The book not only provides an intriguing science fiction plot but also explores the parameters of the human condition. The story stretches your imagination using an enticingly plausible premise to begin the journey then taking you through twists of the unknown. Perhaps more important than the exploration of the fascinating settings and the discoveries that go with coming to a new world is the peek into human interaction, personal ways of reacting to adversity and searching through the dark and light of individual motivations. This is a book that will leave you thinking and wanting more!

 Linda Hawley: After reading the sample chapters, I was hooked and bought the book. I just couldn’t put it down. It is a worthy light science fiction book with some metaphysical elements. I will certainly read more that this author writes. Moore’s writing style is superb and his character development is excellent. I was invested in the characters and was sorry to see the novel end.

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